Decision Making Styles

Participatory Management

Leader Decides

Followers Decide

Autocratic Consultative Group
Decide and Tell Decide after consultation and/or
Followers share in decision Delegation of decision with clear parameters
Style #1: Autocratic
Decide unilaterally and announce decision.Ask for paraphrase to make sure you have been clear.
Style #2: Consult
Almost decided, check reactions before final decision.
Style #4: Majority
Majority vote with leader having one vote … no veto power.
Style #6: Delegation
Delegate the decision with clear parameters of freedom.Ask for paraphrase to make sure clear.
Style #3: recommend
Solicit inputs before deciding.
Style #5: Consensus
All agree after discussion.


From Dilbert, July 19, 2006
Dilbert, 07/19/2006

cf.: Blanchard’s Four Basic Leadership Styles.

cf.: Skill vs. Will Management Matrix

cf.: Decision Making – in Organizational Behavior- an Experimental Approach

cf.: Building Blocks of Empowerment


  1. Leader decides how to decide.
  2. Tell the truth about the style you are using.
  3. Honor your follower’s role of influence.
  4. All styles are effective in different situations — work towards developing flexibility.
  5. All styles are participatory and are used to achieve empowerment.